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luxury at a budget? possible.

Concept-starting is just the beginning

COLORS Thessaloniki Living 2011 is the result of an in depth quest, within the Tourism industry, which comprises the needs of the modern traveler and appeals to the smart cosmopolitan individual, who expects the maximum outcome and an actual living experience at the lowest price.

Modern travelers seek for luxury they can afford but that also meets their needs. In the 21st century, sage individuals will not tolerate to pay for needs that do not appeal to his personality. Smart travelers examine and seek answers…why should I pay for a fixed, overpriced room that includes breakfast when I am never having breakfast? Why should I pay extra for commodities that I didn’t ask for?

COLORS Thessaloniki Living gives the answers for the smart, modern traveler….pay for what you have chosen to colorize your living experience and make your stay in Thessaloniki not just a trip but a lifetime memory.

Vision of COLORS Thessaloniki Living

Offering quality services as well as meeting the increasing needs of customers in an ever-changing market is the heart of the company’s philosophy. With dynamism and consistency, COLORS Thessaloniki Living offers its customers unique living and hospitality in a personalized and friendly environment.

Social responsibility

Contribution to society and fellow human beings constitutes one of the company’s fundamental principles. Social responsibility is an integral part of its philosophy and underlines its business activity. Protecting the environment is a priority.  To that end, COLORS Thessaloniki Living actively follows an environmentally friendly policy throughout its facilities (bike friendly, control of power consumption, use of biodegradable detergents, recycling, etc), while it systematically supports the activity of reputable environmental organizations, charity foundation.

Open communication

At COLORS Thessaloniki Living we value customers’ opinions! We aim to provide satisfactory accommodation to all of our guests. So we want your feedback! Any critic bad or good will be a motivation for us to improve our services. Do feel free to e-mail us at or by filling the contact form.